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Caretaker Management


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Caretaker Management

C-Tech Services Pty Ltd offer a Total Disinfection Plant Management program, whereby equipment is Monitored, Operated and Maintained to achieve performance specifications on a regular basis.

Frequency of involvement can be tailored to suit the needs of the Authority or owner. 

Reporting is regular, accurate, and thorough. It can include remote operations and interrogation of each Plant, with “low cost” access to all data at any time via a secure web site specifically developed and dedicated for the customer. 

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If required, C-Tech Services will cover all Alarm response either directly or indirectly as preferred by the customer. This service is not intended to replace existing Field Operators. On the contrary, it is intended to “empower” the Operator with more time to carry out other important tasks. They are always considered by C-Tech Services as the “overseer” with our involvement.

This Service is offered with every “packaged” Chlorinator sold by C-Tech, and can also apply to any existing plant.


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