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The Mdose-20® is a compact, robust 'all-in-one' Mains Disinfection packaged unit that is specially prepared to enable the disinfection treatment of new water mains to, (WSAA), Water Services Association of Australia, MRWA Specification No. 04-02-2.0, by using a 'Continuous Dosing' Method. (see Link below)

Also Refer; Melbourne Retail Water Agencies Edition of the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Water Supply Code of Australia WSA 03-2011, 3.1. _Mains_04-02.pdf

The Mdose-20® unit is fitted with all necessary equipment to of most popular sizes and materials utilising two separate 50mm connections strategically located in a water mains distribution system. Where practical, existing infrastructure such as a standard Fire Hydrant or Fire Plug can safely be included for use. A simple Step-by-Step procedure includes the use of a user friendly spreadsheet also provided to make the Operator's job clear. 


The Mdose-20®unit is equipped to both Chlorinate and De-chlorinate using the same on-board equipment requiring a location and chemical change only. It is self powered with a rechargeable DC Battery

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