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For many years, as practicing Water Industry Field Technicians at C-Tech Services Pty Ltd, we have seen a great need for a means to measure basic but critical parameters entering or “within” the water supplied areas. This has led to the development and patent of our ®MONIpLUG, which enables several parameters to be monitored “on-line” from virtually any street where a Ball & Seat type Fire Plug is located. Parameters include Free or Total Chlorine, pH, Temperature or Turbidity. Raw data can be uploaded from an on board GSM or NEXTG Modem. 

Alarm levels associated with the monitored parameters can be configured to send Email, Voice or SMS Text messages to one or multiple Mobile Phone numbers, indicating the site, time and value of the exceeded parameter level.

The measured values are stored in an integrated Data Logger for routine retrieval, and displayed via a “low cost”, secure customer access only web site known as “Footprint” (also available through C-Tech Services). Download of Statistics, Data and Trends can be made from the site, using an authorised customer access password. 

  • The unique ®MONIpLUG sampling method, allows no water wastage

  • The ®MONIpLUG is compact, strong and secure.

  • The ®MONIpLUG is Ideal for “HACCP” Critical Control Points and Water Quality Modelling.

For more information, call and talk to us at C-Tech Services.

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