The Most Advanced Chlorine Dosage Package on the Market

Over the years, C-Tech Services Pty Ltd have pioneered the development of Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection “Packages” that have the versatility to go just about anywhere. While to some extent, they will always have some element of “custom built” properties to them, essentially they have been developed with common well known proven methods that incorporate Flow and Residual feedback as Control. 

This approach can be seen in our small capacity units of 50Ltr or less, to our 1000Ltr Units that can be modulated to provide even higher capacities. They can be located as a temporary measure, easily re-located, or can be installed at a permanent disinfection site. They are strong, secure, compact and considered to be aesthetically unobtrusive. 

These Units have also been applied to “pH correct” source water as a corrosion preventative measure.

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Model CTRU_200

Model CTRU_1000

Chemical Capacity:
200Ltrs Fully Bunded – All PVC Construction with Built-in “Sight” Guage and Ultrasonic Measurement with Display
Dosing System:
Duty & Auto-Standby Precision Metering Pumps, (Alldos or ProMinent available choices)
7 Day Treatment Range:*Where;Max. Flow is 100L/Sec. and a Dosage of 1.7 mg/L CL2
Daily Treatment Volume of 2.1 ML/Day
*NOTE: Volume and Period being greater where Flow or Dosage is less
Powder Coated Aluminium on Galvanised Steel Plinth. High Quality Lockwood Security Locks.
System Comprises of PLC Controller & HMI Interface, so there are many different options by offering physical hardwired digital or analogue signals to an existing onsite SCADA system. However other more advance options are possible using TCP/IP Ethernet Modbus communications, or accessing via a 3G/4G secured interface the in-built HMI web server directly, which provides the local & "offsite" secured control via PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Android.
Compound P.I.D., Residual Only, Flow Only, Manual
Power Requirements:
240Vac 16Amp
Site Requirements:
3 x 25mm Gate or Ball Valve “Off-Take” points in Water Main. Flat surface, (Concrete preferred), 3Mtrs x 2.5Mtrs.


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