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We believe in providing a professional, high quality service and have invested in technology to help you deliver this. Click on the "We Use ServiceM8" Icon This page highlights some of the key differences in service that you can provide your customers through the use of ServiceM8

Caretaker Management - Full service option including Chlorination weekly maintenance, chemical replenishments, reporting, 6 month Minor Preventative maintenance & Annual Major Preventative Maintenance.

Remote Dosing Packages - Complete "Turn Key" Custom Design, Supply & Build of Booster Primary & Secondary Chlorination, Chloramination & pH Correction packages.

®MONIpLUG On-line Remote Monitoring - Monitoring package, which can be installed on any below ground "ball & seat" fire plug / hydrant.

MIXItech - Effective Water Reservoir / Tank Programmed Dosing - System which offers a best practice approach to dosing into a large storage tank or reservoir using air.

On-Line Analyser Sample Waste Recovery System - A simple package to catch water & pump to a preferred location up to 180Mtrs Head of Pressure. Used mainly for Analyser waste recovery.

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